Current Inventory
  • Granny Smith

    This well-known "pie apple" is great for cooking. It is very tart and holds its shape when baking.
  • Arkansas Black

    This hard apple is great for cooking. It has a traditional apple flavor sure to make anyone a fan.
  • Apple Cider

    We pressed our own fresh apples from our cozy farm on the Alabama-Tennessee state line. This is the best cider you can get, and if you don't believe us, just ask around.
  • Honey

    A crowd favorite here on the farm, our honey is perfect as a sugar substitute or even as your favorite sweet spread.
  • Molasses

    Our molasses is made from 100% pure cane sugar. It is deliciously sweet and can be used in many baking recipes as a sugar substitute.
  • Sweet Potatoes

    Every fall we try to keep Sweet Potatoes from our neighbors right here on the Alabama/Tennessee in stock. They are so delicious that sell-outs are usual.