About Us

Scott’s Orchard is a family run business that grows 17 different varieties of apples on 100 acres and peaches on another 50 acres. Being family owned and operated, we ensure the freshness and top quality of all of our produce by picking our own fruit. Labor Day is a special time around here because surrounding counties know that’s when apples start rolling in, the grading machine cranks up, and the smell of fresh apple cider is in the air. Get here early enough and you will see Tommy and Aunt Doris Scott running the grading machine to ensure that only the best apples are packaged into peck bag sizes or bushel boxes for our customers. Scott’s Orchard is the largest apple orchard in Tennessee. Though, we have an Alabama address since our farm stretches across the Alabama/Tennessee state line. But, don’t let the two-lane, country back road fool you. We serve many varieties of fresh off the tree apples, peaches, other fruits, cider, slushies, vegetables, honey, and molasses. We continue to serve returning customers at the orchard as well as new faces that stop by to check out all the goodies we have to offer. Our goal is to grow top quality produce so new customers will turn into familiar faces here at the orchard.