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Our address is 2163 Scott Road, Hazel Green, AL 35750. You can see us on the map here.

You can find what farmers markets we will be at here.


Our facilities are very accessible to those with disabilities. There is a wheelchair ramp at the front entrance that leads directly into our store.

We also have a staff who are ready to assist those in need when entering, shopping and leaving our store.

Our farm has two bathrooms open to customers during our working hours.

We welcome the opportunity to serve guests with disabilities to enjoy all our facilities, programs and services. For assistance and information or accessibility, contact Customer Service at (256)828-4563.

Animal Policy

Seeing as though we are a food product producing business, we ask that you do not bring your animals with you to the farm. Service animals may be permitted but are subjected to be questioned if the animal does not appear to be trained to perform a specific action or service. Service animals will also only be allowed in certain areas on the farm as to not break food safety protocol. This will not hinder the experience of the person with a disability, and staff members will assist the person in any way possible with keeping to our farm’s policies.