Current Inventory
  • Harvester

    A good sized freestone peach with outstanding flavor.  This peach has a yellow flesh and a nice firmness.
  • Carter

    This deliciously sweet peach is a larger, more firmer peach of the season. With it's freestone, yellow-meat qualities its' sure to put a smile on your face.
  • White Lady

    The White Lady is a  large, red peach that ripens in July. This freestone peach stores well and is highly recommended by commercial growers.  This fruit is very sweet.
  • Lodi

    This very tart summer apple is perfect for baking!
  • Honey

    Not only do our bees help pollinate our crop of apples, they also leave this sweet treat behind.
  • Molasses

    This thick and syrupy sweetener made from sugarcane is delicious.