Current Inventory
  • Flame Prince

    A nice sized freestone peach with a rich flavor.  These peaches are firm and have a yellow skin.
  • Nectarines

    Firm, juicy, deep yellow fruit surrounded by a red flesh. This fruit keeps very well and does not bruise easily. Very limited!
  • Jubilee Watermelon

    A good-sized, seeded watermelon. Contains a fine-textured, bright pink flesh with a deliciously sweet taste. LIMITED QUANTITY.
  • Ginger Gold

    A green apple that is a little on the tart side.  Great for baking pies or cobblers
  • Gala

    One of the first sweet apples of the season.  Galas have a mild and sweet flavor, with a thinner skin.  They resist bruising, and fit perfectly in kids hands.  Very aromatic and great for cooking.
  • Molasses

    This thick and syrupy sweetener made from sugarcane is delicious.
  • Honey

    Not only do bees help polinate our crop of apples, they also leave this sweet treat behind.