Current Inventory
  • Golden Delicious

    The "best all around" apple.  Golden Delicious is the perfect apple for all your needs.  A great eating apple, the perfect addition to your applesauce, and delicious for all your recipes.
  • Pink Lady

    One of the best, this is a great sweet-tart apple. It has a Wonderful flavor that is just the perfect combination of sweet and tart.
  • Red Delicious

  • Fuji

    This popular apple is our sweetest apple. Possibly one of the best apples you can bite into.
  • Winesap

  • Arkansas Black

    This hard apple is great for cooking. It has a traditional apple flavor sure to make anyone a fan.
  • Granny Smith

    This well-known "pie apple" is great for cooking. It is very tart and holds its shape when baking.
  • Sweet Potatoes

  • Apple Cider

    Fresh cider made right here in our orchard from various varieties of our finest apples. Cider will be shipped to you frozen. Let the jug completely thaw, then shake well before serving.
  • Honey

    Not only do our bees help pollinate our crop of apples, they also leave this sweet treat behind.
  • Molasses

    This thick and syrupy sweetener made from sugarcane is delicious.