Current Inventory
  • Golden Delicious

    The "best all around" apple.  Golden Delicious is the perfect apple for all your needs.  A great eating apple, the perfect addition to your applesauce, and delicious for all your recipes.
  • Red Delicious

  • Rome Beauty

  • Gala

    One of the first sweet apples of the season.  Galas have a mild and sweet flavor, with a thinner skin.  They resist bruising, and fit perfectly in kids hands.  Very aromatic and great for cooking.
  • Fuji

    This popular apple is our sweetest apple. Possibly one of the best apples you can bite into.
  • Mutsu

    This slightly tart apple is a perfect combination of a Golden Delicious and a Granny Smith perfect for cooking without adding a lot of sugar.
  • Sweet Potatoes

  • Whole Apple Pie

    We make these pies right here at Scott's Orchard using our apples. A 9" frozen Apple Pie makes the perfect dessert for a family get-together. LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE for PICKUP the week of THANKSGIVING. November 22-25th during normal business hours. You MUST PRE-ORDER these for pickup. Simply take one of these frozen…
  • Apple Cider

    Fresh cider made right here in our orchard from various varieties of our finest apples. Cider will be shipped to you frozen. Let the jug completely thaw, then shake well before serving.
  • Honey

    Not only do our bees help pollinate our crop of apples, they also leave this sweet treat behind.
  • Molasses

    This thick and syrupy sweetener made from sugarcane is delicious.