Frequently Asked Questions
Does Scott’s Orchard support the local community?

Scott’s Orchard support all types of community activities. We sponsor many sports teams, yearbooks, and even give away a yearly scholarship.

Donation requests are only accept via the online form. Requests in person, by phone, by fax, and by mail are NOT accepted.

The scholarship application is always available the first week of February.

Do you offer school tours?

At this time, we do not offer any type of large group tours. We will, however, schedule apple tasting sessions for any large group.

Is your farm pet friendly?

Unfortunately, we do not allow any type of animals on our farm. Firstly, this is a requirement of the health department. Anyone with a service animal, as defined by ADA, will be fully accommodated. If a service animal is required on an operations tour, the entire tour group will run a modified schedule.

What do I do with my peaches after I buy them?

Our peach care card will tell you exactly what to do with your peaches, and be sure to watch some of our recipes to see all the treats you can make with them.

How to care for your peaches

Do you wholesale fruit?

Yes, we do accommodate wholesale orders. Give us a call at (256) 828-4563 and ask to speak to Kevin or Will for more information on wholesale.

Is your orchard family owned and operated?

Yes, we are 116 years old and have had 5 generations of family living on the farm.

Can I buy a tree from your orchard and grow it myself?

We have plans for pre-order apple and peach trees for the 2018 year. All trees will be picked-up at the orchard towards the end of the winter in early 2019 (as soon as it is safe to plant the trees.)
Stay tuned for more information on how to order.

How do you sell your fruit? By the pound?

We sell peaches in a woven wooden 8 quart market basket (~10lbs).

We sell our apples by the half-peck (~5lbs or 12 apples,) the peck (~10lbs or 24 apples,) the half-bushel (~20 lbs or 50 apples,) or the bushel (~40lbs, 100 apples, the WHOLE box.) Four pecks make a bushel.

Do you grow everything you sell?

We grow our own peaches, nectarines, watermelons, tomatoes, okra, squash, beans, and apples. The sweet potatoes we sell come from our neighbors next door!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, all major credit/debit cards, checks, Apple Pay, Andriod Pay, and FMNP vouchers. We do not accept EBT cards at this time.

When were my peaches picked?

The peaches we sell are always picked the morning of or the day before.

Do you have Pick-Your-Own?

We do! The fall of 2017 was our first year to offer Pick-Your-Own apples to the public. Thanks to all our customers, it was a great success! We have many new plans to expand in the future years.

We will start taking reservations August 1, 2018 for our fall operations tour.

What is the difference between clingstone and freestone peach?

A freestone peach will fall right off the pit when cut in half. Thus, the freestone peach is great for eating and highly favorited for cooking and canning. The fruit inside of a clingstone peach does not fall off of the pit. Thus, still making it a great peach to eat though not favored for cooking and freezing.

When is peach/apple season?

Peach season always starts in June. Our freestone peaches start coming in after the Fourth of July. We then role straight into apple season which always starts on Labor Day. The best time to come for apples is the first of October which is the time we have the most variety. We normally sell apples through November/December.

Do you spray your fruit?

Yes, we are a conventional farm. We have a very intense IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program. We use weather models, computer forecasts, and visual observations to only target specific diseases and pests during any particular spray.

Do you have online orders?

We do not have online orders at this time. Though, we are working hard and online orders will be coming very soon.

How many acres do you have producing fruit?

We farm 1,200 acres. We have 150 acres in fruit trees: 90 acres in apples and 60 in peaches.